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The Real Estate Department for companies that do not want to be in the real estate business, BUT ARE…®

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Our Services
01Commercial Brokerage

Manage leasing, subleasing and sale of commercial and income-producing property.

02Property and Portfolio Evaluation
  • Estimate current market rent and/or sale value of property
  • Estimate time required to liquidate property
  • Identify potential alternative use scenarios to maximize property value
  • Evaluate fee and leasehold properties
  • Oversee lease renegotiation and termination agreements
  • Develop and implement plans of action to maximize recovery of value from real estate
04Implementation of Disposition
  • Hire and manage broker(s) to dispose of properties nationwide;
  • Act as broker for local properties;
  • Hire and/or manage title, survey, appraisal, physical and/or environmental studies;
  • Direct and/or conduct sale, lease or sublease negotiations; supervise auctions;
  • Review legal documents and recommend deal changes;
  • Conduct financial analysis of possible transaction structures;
  • Buyout or lease terminations;
  • Rent reduction negotiations;
05Strategic Planning
  • Establish plan for store and plant closings and/or continued operation
  • Recommend “financial restructuring” of real estate assets (e.g., sale-leaseback, financing or subleasing)
  • Recommend professional firms to be retained by client (or as Atlas subcontractors)
06Expert Witness Services
Offer reports and testimony in selected situations that require sophisticated understanding of commercial real estate issues.
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